.: Top, Supre | Boots, Public Desire | Rings, Sportsgirl | Wallet, Colette | Boyfriend Jeans, Factorie :.

A simple & casual uni party outfit for those that can't be bothered and want to be comfortable basically. Also, spot the nail polish!! Honestly really liking that shade (it's one of the ones i featured in the last post), would definitely repurchase!

note to self: Please do not eat before a shoot. The bloat feelz.

Tragedy after tragedy... I lost my laptop on the train last week so I had to delay this post until I got it back!! Sorry, hopefully things will return to normal :P 

Next weeks post, I'm tossing between an outfit or a DIY type of thing, what do you think?


alice xx


  1. I think an outfit would be easier; throw something together and snap some pictures, whereas the DIY would be quite time consuming, assuming you're taking pics as you go, even the option of videoing your DIY means a bit of time editing unless you nail everything on your first take. Plus who doesn't love your outfits? I guess it also depends on what the DIY thing would be, accessories and such would be interesting.

    Loving your blog. Keep it coming.

    Also, can I ask what kind of camera are you using?

    - New fan of your blog.

    1. thank you so much for the advice! I shall take formatting into consideration then when i do decide to do a diy post :) For now I guess i'll stick with outfit posts hehe, gonna be an ootn next week then!

      i use the Sony Alpha 550, probably never heard of it before because it's pretty old, but it does the job!

      thanks so much for your support <3

  2. Omg I love your style girl! I wish I could pull that look off :(
    Keep up the good work, what happened to the weekly posts though?

  3. Is this blog dead? :(


Let me know what you think x