Wearing: Sequinned Black Strapless - Dotti, Rusty Pink Mary Janes - Miss Shop, Disco Hard Case Clutch - Colette

Finally, I got around to posting these photos haha. This is the outfit I wore to another formal. The night was lots of fun, although I hardly danced because I’m a bit of a wimp when it comes to dancing in heels! Anyway, the outfit. I actually didn’t buy the dress for formal, I only realised I needed an outfit about 3 days before the actual night, so I borrowed this lbd from my friend Angel (thanks!) For the night I also borrowed my friend’s heels, but I returned them before I had the chance to shoot this, so I’m wearing the heels from my other formal instead haha. In fact, thinking back on it, the whole outfit was rushed… I even bought the clutch and the heels from Colette on the day! 



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